Harnessing the Power of Viral Evolution

Prologue is creating transformative medicines by systematically discovering and evaluating viral proteins and their unique features.

Our Science

Pioneering the viral proteome

Proteins are powerful regulators of biology that work together to control cellular function. At Prologue, we are expanding beyond the functional boundaries of the human proteome and using proteins evolved within viruses that have the potential for powerful therapeutic impact to rapidly create new programmable medicines.

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Our Science

Exploring new therapeutic possibilities

Our computationally powered and scalable Decoding Evolutionary Logic of Variant Ensembles (DELVE)™ Platform continually mines the expanding viral proteome to uncover viral proteins and evaluate their potential to modulate human physiology for the treatment of disease.

the Delve Platform


Endless opportunities, revolutionary potential.

We are a trailblazing team dedicated to unraveling the mysteries and untapped potential of the viral proteome. Join us as we harness the power of evolution to create new medicines.

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